Ways to save

Employee-paid (Voluntary)

Voluntary benefits allow you to provide valuable insurance coverage--such as dental, vision, life and disability--to your employees at no additional cost to your business. Employees enjoy discounted group rates with the convenience of having premiums deducted from their paycheck.

Employees want protection, but they also need to be able to meet their financial obligations comfortably. Plus, when it comes to benefits, they appreciate having access to more options. Voluntary benefits are a great way to provide those options, help you attract the best talent and ensure a more satisfied workforce.

Health Marketplace

With Anthem Health Marketplace, you pick the plan design and let your employees purchase coverage at affordable group rates. You can set a defined contribution, which means you control the amount you spend on your benefits, while offering your employees greater choice.

Savings Scenario: Lance

Plaza Design offered more benefits to its employees— at no cost to the business—with our voluntary benefits.