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Our Whole Health Connection benefits work smarter because they are integrated to deliver better health outcomes and lower costs. That's why we're offering up to 4% savings on fully insured medical premium or up to $3.00 per employee per month (PEPM) on self-insured medical fees when you bundle our solutions together.

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This savings program applies to groups with 51-250 employees.

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* The calculator shows an estimated example of savings and is not to be used as a quoting tool. Please be sure to contact your producer or sales representative to get an actual quote. In order to illustrate a potential saving to your medical premiums, you must have your medical coverage through us.
Self-Insured Program Details: Per employee per month (PEPM) savings applies to new or renewing self-insured large groups with 51-5000 eligible employees that add a new dental, vision, life, disability, accident, critical illness or hospital indemnityproduct. Specialty plans added must be fully insured and meet the following minimum participation of eligible medical employees: 50% each for dental and vision; 15% each for accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity; standard minimumparticipation applies to life and disability. Savings for life coverage applies when the total life schedule is insured with at least an equivalent volume of $25,000 per covered employee and must include optional life when offered by employer. Savings do notapply to National Account clients.

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