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Disability & health care
go hand in hand.

Nine out of 10 disabilities are caused by illness, not accidents, and every disability claim is a medical or behavioral event requiring a visit with a doctor. So it’s important that your disability and medical plans communicate with each other.

Our disability plans get your employees back to health, back to work, back to life.

Disability coverage

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When selecting a disability plan, what should you focus on?

We're right by your side.

Each claimant is assigned a disability case manager who offers ongoing, personalized support--so your employee has the same contact throughout their case.

We leverage our medical resources, like our medical director and in-house member assistance program, to help manage claims. And our disability case managers and medical nurse care managers share clinical information and work hand in hand to help your employees return to health and work faster.

For members who have medical and disability with us, we offer enhanced support and clinical coordination to help prevent claims, reduce the duration of claims and increase member engagement. This holistic approach leads to a healthier, more productive workforce.

We give members the personalized support they need to avoid a claim.

An employee at risk of a claim may simply need a workplace modification or change to their schedule to keep them productive and on the job. Vocational rehabilitation counselors in our stay-at-work programs work with you and your employees to find solutions that keep things moving.

Our Resource Advisor program helps with emotional, legal and financial counseling. An employee with depression, for instance, can get counseling before their illness takes over and they miss work. Workers with depression lose 5.6 productive hours of work per week*, so treating the underlying causes of that condition can go a long way toward preventing avoidable disability claims.

* SOURCE: The High Cost of Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness, January 2010

We're here for you.

We believe that disability is more than writing a check and moving on to the next case. We’re committed to being there for you and your employees, whether we’re addressing a medical issue before it turns into a claim, dedicating a disability case manager to your account or making sure there’s a real person at the other end of the line when you call.


Our claims payment accuracy rate is 99.8%.

Healthier employees mean lower costs.

Dedicated disability case managers, plus medical nurses, health coaches and other health specialists, work with employees and their doctors to develop health and return-to-work goals. By identifying issues impacting the ability to work sooner, we provide support services that can greatly reduce costs.

Our clients see 9% lower disability costs*, and employees are more engaged in their health. Plus, everything from enrollment to claims is streamlined and simplified, so you and your employees spend less time and energy managing your disability and medical plans.

* Our customer pilot program results are an average over a four-year period (2009-2012). SOURCE: Anthem Life pilot results, 2011.

Maya’s story: disability + medical in action

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Valuable for employees

We offer a robust portfolio of disability plans with special features that allow you to offer a truly integrated health and productivity management program, from short- and long-term disability to absence management (FML and other leaves).

Flexible for employers

And we offer voluntary options to help you save. We give employers total budget planning flexibility with a range of contribution options from 100% all the way down to a 0% contribution/voluntary plan. With voluntary benefits, employees pay the full premium for the plan. They benefit from a group discount rate, and employers benefit from happier, healthier employees at no cost.

Making family medical leave and disability simpler

Tracking and managing employee absences due to the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), short-term disability, or other types of leave can be time-consuming.

With our plans you get one point of contact for short-term disability (STD), FMLA, intermittent leave-tracking, and absence claims submissions. FMLA and absence management are handled in-house by disability case managers in our Life & Disability Service Center. Other benefits include:

  • Compliance with federal and state laws
  • Integrated online reporting for plan management
  • Consistent leave determinations
  • Each work location gets accurate answers about all types of leaves from a single source

Better for you.
Better for your employees.

With medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits from Anthem, your business has the convenience of one account team to partner with on all your Anthem benefits. Your employees will appreciate having coordinated communications and education materials that make it easier to understand and use their Anthem benefits.

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