Supplemental Health / Accident Plan

Accidents happen. We protect your hard-earned wages and savings.

Life is an adventure. But unfortunately, that means accidents can happen. We protect employee’s finances by helping to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket costs resulting from a covered accident.

Accidents occur when you least expect them.

A simple bike ride can turn into a life-altering accident. And the truth is, most people are not prepared with enough savings to cover a medical emergency.

Our accident insurance plan protects the financial well-being of your employees. It pays members an immediate lump-sum to use as they see fit, including for medical costs or daily living expenses during recovery.

Only 39%

of Americans have enough saving to cover a $1,000 emergency

Jennifer’s story: Accident coverage in action

After being released from the ER, Jennifer follows up with her doctor once a month and starts a six-week physical therapy treatment plan.
Jennifer gets benefits from her Accident plan: $3,400. She uses $3,000 to hire a painter to paint her house and the rest for massage therapy.
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Connecting Benefits to Make it Easier for Members

Our Anthem Whole Health Connection® program connects our medical plans with accident, critical illness and/or hospital indemnity protection. This means members with our medical plans are notified when they have an eligible claim.

The bottom line? Supplemental plans help members pay for unexpected care. And the process is as easy as possible for everyone.


Better for you.
Better for your employees.

With medical, dental, vision, and through our affiliate, life and disability benefits from Anthem, your business has the convenience of one account team to partner with on all your Anthem benefits. Your employees will appreciate having coordinated communications and education materials that make it easier to understand and use their Anthem benefits.

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