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From network to pricing to service, our vision plan leads the industry. We have the largest vision network in the country, including convenient retail locations with extended hours. Simplified administration, from enrollment through claims processing, takes the hassle out of managing your benefits.

And our connected vision and health coverage leads to early detection, prevention and management of chronic conditions so we can help keep your employees healthy and productive.

Blue View Vision℠

Leading the industry with the latest innovations in vision plans.

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When selecting a vision plan, what should you focus on?

Eye care is much more than just the right pair of glasses.

People are three times more likely to get an annual eye exam than an annual physical. That means eye doctors are a critical first line of defense when it comes to the early detection of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

With Anthem Whole Health Connection®, we pave the way for two-way communication.*
When employees visit the eye doctor, their health record shows conditions and medications that are relevant to vision. Information flows the other direction, too. Eye doctors can alert health care providers of possible conditions.

Member health records help identify gaps in care and trigger alerts for follow-up outreach and care. This coordinated care leads to healthier employees. And healthier employees mean gains in productivity, less absenteeism and reduced overall health care costs.

* Sharing of data is HIPAA-compliant and includes only relevant information such as medical diagnoses, lab results and Rx history.

We make it easy to find a provider near home or work.
Blue View Vision members have plenty of options for their eye care needs.

More doctors

Over 39,000 eye doctors at more than 28,000 locations nationwide, many with night/weekend hours.

More options

Members can get their eye exam at one place and buy eyewear at another for greater selection.

More access

We have one of the nation’s largest vision networks, including more of the most desired retail optical chains.

More savings

Plus, thanks to our national network, an impressive 96.9% of our Blue View Vision claims are in-network

Independent Provider Network + LensCrafters
Pearle Vision
Target Optical
Glasses dot com
Contacts direct
1800 Contacts

This is eye care made easy.
We offer you and your employees the benefits of seamless and streamlined administration.

For your employees: one application, clinical coordination and combined online capabilities, plus members use the same ID card for vision and health care.
For you: one Account Executive, one application, one eligibility feed, combined administration and implementation.

Our customer service reps are ready when you are. We have the longest customer service hours in the industry, with live reps available seven days a week, including extended evening hours. Our average speed to answer calls is just 11 seconds with 99.5% of issues are resolved within the first call or 24 hours.

Online member resources include savings opportunities 24/7. Need to check eligibility? Replace an ID card? Employees can easily manage their benefits online. For employers, our online services allow you to pay bills, add/delete employees, complete enrollment and more.

Big savings and valuable extras. Blue View Vision members enjoy special, negotiated discounts on the most popular lenses and lens options and free scratch coating on all lenses.*

And we don’t stop there.
  • 40% off unlimited additional pairs of glasses
  • Benefits for children at no additional cost
  • Discounts on laser vision correction surgery and more through SpecialOffers@Anthem®
All of this adds up to substantial savings.

75% average member in-network savings
off retail pricing.
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* Discounts are subject to change without notice. Laws in some states may prohibit network providers from discounting products and services that are not covered benefits under the plan.

George's story: vision + medical in action

Since George also has a medical plan with us, our system sends a care alert to his PCP. His PCP follows up with George and confirms the high blood pressure and diabetes diagnoses.
George gets a prescription for his high blood pressure and diabetes and his PCP refers him to care management to help him manage his conditions.
Through support, ongoing care and improved health habits, George lowers his blood pressure, maintains his blood sugar levels and avoids future complications, such as a stroke or heart attack.
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International travel solution

No matter where work or play takes your employees. Blue View Vision℠ is ready to help when a vision emergency sneaks up while traveling abroad.

A variety of coverage options to help you save

We give employers total budget planning flexibility with a range of contribution options from 100% all the way down to a 0% contribution/voluntary plan.

With voluntary benefits, employees pay the full premium for the plan. They benefit from a group discount rate, and employers benefit from happier, healthier employees at no cost.

Better for you.
Better for your employees.

With medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits from Anthem, your business has the convenience of one account team to partner with on all your Anthem benefits. Your employees will appreciate having coordinated communications and education materials that make it easier to understand and use their Anthem benefits.

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