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Integrated Health Care (IHC) is an employee benefits strategy that connects pharmacy, dental, vision and disability data to wellness programs delivering more member engagement opportunities and better health outcomes.

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In its most extensive study to date, Anthem Inc. looked at how integrating pharmacy, dental, vision, disability with health data to deliver an integrated health care solution can enhance population health clinical programs.

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Integrating employee benefits has reached a tipping point. The majority (56%) of employers are now integrating their employee benefits to save money, improve workforce health and simplify the benefits experience.

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Reports and White Papers

Pharmacy and Ancillary Benefits Outlook Report, 2020 Edition
Infographic: New insights from the Integrated Health Care Report, Edition 4
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Measuring Success of an Integrated Health Program

How IHC Impacts Medical Cost Drivers

Affecting the medical bottom line: Cancer
Affecting the medical bottom line: Diabetes
Affecting the medical bottom line: Maternity
Affecting the medical bottom line: Cardiovascular
Affecting the medical bottom line: Musculoskeletal

Integrated Pharmacy Insights

Connecting medical and pharmacy benefits

Integrated Dental Insights

Connecting medical and dental benefits

Integrated Vision Insights

Connecting medical and vision benefits

Integrated Disability Insights

Connecting medical and disability benefits