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Our Whole Health Connection benefits work smarter because they are integrated to deliver better health outcomes and lower costs. That's why we're offering up to 4% savings on your medical premium when you bundle our solutions together.

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This savings program applies to groups with 51-250 employees.

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* The calculator shows an estimated example of savings and is not to be used as a quoting tool. Please be sure to contact your producer or sales representative to get an actual quote. In order to illustrate a potential saving to your medical premiums, you must have your medical coverage through us.
Whole Health Savings program details: The savings apply to new or renewing fully insured, large groups with 51 - 300 eligible employees (101 - 300 eligible employees for employers located in CA, CO, and NY) that add a new dental, vision, life or disability products. This program does not apply to embedded vision or voluntary specialty products. For employers located in CT and ME, full-service vision with a minimum of 100 eligible employees is required to receive the vision savings. Savings for life coverage applies when the total life schedule is insured and at least an equivalent volume of $25,000 per covered employee.

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