Ways to Save We can offer you the full spectrum of benefits— all from one source.

This makes it easier for both you and your employees. And, by integrating all of your benefits, we may be able to help you reduce your costs.

Discover the ease of one point of contact.

  • One account manager for all of your benefits
  • Integrated member experience
  • One renewal package for medical, dental and vision
  • Combined underwriting and implementation
  • A combined ID card for members¹
  • One eligibility feed¹
  • One customer service number¹
1 May not be available with all products

Employee-Paid (Voluntary) Options

Struggling with rising health care costs, yet still want to offer a great benefits package? The solution is to offer our dental, vision, disability or life benefits on an employee-paid (voluntary) basis. Employees want protection, but they also need to be able to meet their financial obligations comfortably. Underinsured consumers need alternative benefits solutions that reduce their risk and give them a stronger sense of financial security, especially when the economy sours.

Give your employees the benefits they need at no cost to you.

By offering employee-paid benefits—such as dental, vision, life and disabilit—your employees get a group discount rate on the benefits they value most. Plus, they enjoy the convenience of paying for coverage by having the premiums deducted from their paycheck. You get happier, healthier employees at no cost to your bottom line.

Keep your employees happy.

Having access to more benefits at work makes your employees feel more financially secure and better about their jobs. This helps you keep and attract the best employees for a greater competitive advantage now and in the future.

Lower your payroll taxes.

Offering our eligible benefits through a qualified cafeteria plan allows employees to pay premiums on a pre-tax basis. This means you can reduce payroll taxes and increase employees’ spendable income.

Simplify your life.

Enjoy a hassle-free enrollment, easy administration and the simplicity of having all your benefits with one carrier. Our enrollment services include:

  • Enrollment Partnership Program: A two-way promise for a successful enrollment which includes waiving of participation requirements.
  • Personalized Enrollment Kits: Kits are personalized for each employee and contain an enrollment form with the plan and cost details for the available Anthem benefits, and benefit summaries that outline the benefits of each plan. By the way, these are free.
  • Enrollment Meeting Support: We can lead enrollment meetings to review our available benefits and answer questions. These meetings can be conducted in person or via a webinar.